The green belt – Austin,Texas

Adam and i took the time to relax a little this weekend, which was fun! We went out to the green belt and swam/bathed in little pools of water. Ahhhhh so nice when the temperatures are getting up into the hundreds. Along the way i saw a series of patterns

Confetti inspired falling garden - 50th Venice Biennial Art Exhibition
Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger created a magical art installation for the 50th Venice Biennial Art Exhibition a few years ago. I had seen it some where recently and completely forgot to spend time looking. I think this piece is so inspiring.

VLP – Commission 

So Les and i finally finished the private commission we’ve been working on for weeks. It was a challenge trying to cut and meld all the pieces together but the outcome was a good one. Each panel is 12×12 making a relatively large painting. I love the way all three photos used flow into each other. I was so happy to work on this….hope you like it!


So i’m really trying to get out of my studio/house
at least once a day!Its so hard during the summer
months to leave the cold of the air conditioner
for the humid sticky world of outside. Anyway the
other night Adam and i took a short walk through
the neighborhood which was calming……..



Here we are again – it seems like every time i decide to write a new excerpt for my blog i feel like i’m carrying a large sack of bricks on my back. Not in relation to my blog but what i’m going through in my day to day life. This illustration explains it all…….. I love this so much –  check out Ali Aschmans work on etsy, see link.

‘Til the wolves are away’