Austin & Texas Gift Boxes coming soon ........

So things have been crazy for all of us, including Victrola Design Studio. I'm happy to say we are still in business but Stellina and I are trying to figure out a plan for the shop and it's products. We did launch new colors and designs for Spring 2020 but unfortunately the launch was shadowed by unforeseen circumstances. We have been spending a lot of time contemplating wether we should meld the two businesses Victrola Design Studio & Victoria Corbett Art or continue to keep them separate. If you have ideas?! We would love to hear your thoughts.....

We have added FUN new card designs to the line and as you know we are working on a coloring book which should be out soon. Lastly! We are with you during these crazy, un-certain times.I'm planning on giving a percentage of sales to a worthy organization once I've done my research.....

Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you would like to see from us........

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