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Beautiful Botanical Art Prints

Victrola Design Studio started doing art prints a few years ago after we moved into our West Austin location. We don't have a press; we just have an old baker's table with a metal guide to align the screen. Quite different from printing cards and towels! Here we get to play around with the overlay of shapes and colors, much like that of a garden but in a two dimensional format. Our designs are simple and always offset so no two are alike. Paper also plays a large factor in the way the print comes out. The process is simple yet outside conditions can throw the whole process off.........

We hope to help you start your own screen printing journey at home with minimal tools and info. Stay posted!

My small succulent garden - spring 2020
East Austin - Garden Inspiration

My screen-printing journey coincides with my gardening journey, which started a little over six years ago. Maybe's hard to keep track of time!!

The process started out in the same way. I started with a blank slate. The yard was just a desolate piece of ground - a hackberry and a lot of weeds. In the beginning I remember crying because I couldn't dig the ground with my little spade. I decided to persevere!!

Much like making or creating anything, the journey is what you have to cherish! Not the outcome.

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