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Screen Printing 101 with Victrola Design Studio

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Learn the basics of screen-printing in this fun one-session work shop with Victrola Design Studio. Our class covers the basics of beginners screen printing! The maximum class size is six people which makes sure each student receives proper instruction. Please wear appropriate clothing, this is a hands on work-shop so be prepared to get messy!


Learn how to screen print at Victrola’s small studio!

This work shop takes you through the basic steps of screen printing:

  • How to burn a screen

  • Choose appropriate colors

  • What paper to use

  • Guide lines for printing on paper

  • Steps to acquire the correct effect.

Each individual joins up with another participant to make it manageable for each other! Couples will have their own print station where they get to test out various patterns provided by Victrola Studio. Then once the desired effect is obtained the participant gets to print their very own two-color art print on paper of their choice. No experience is necessary, but enthusiasm is 100% welcomed! The maximum class size is 6 students to make sure each student receives hands-on instruction. Victrola provides all materials and supplies necessary such as screens, inks, paper etc.

PRICE: $95 per person STUDENT CLASS SIZE: 6 students maximum SKILL LEVEL / PREREQUISITES: None!


15th March : Sunday 11.00am - 3.00pm // 29th March: Sunday 11:00am - 3.00pm //


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