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Welcome to your step-by-step screen-printing journey.....

Ok, so first let's talk about where to begin.

We know you want to screen-print!

We can help you make that happen if you are willing to follow along on Victrola Design Studio's simple step by step guide to printing:

First decide on your design:

You can choose to print a variety of different design types but remember in the beginning you want to start with something simple. For your first go, a one color, bold pattern or image is ideal.

Next you need to decide on a size and material: I am going to make an 11" x 14" art print. The size is manageable and paper is a great surface to start out on! As i said before you don't have to make the same choices although following along with me will make the process easier to begin with. You want to get the technique down before moving onto mare complicated designs or shapes.

I have provided a photo from which i will make my pattern. Go outside and take a photo of something that inspires you! It doesn't have to be nature related but it does need to be a solid shape, no thin lines. Also if you would rather grab an image from your favorite comic book or magazine that will work too.

Step One -

You will need a pencil, a marker pen, a photo and/or image you are going to use.

The next time we meet i will have mine ready to show you.......

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