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Immersed in nature....

It's finally happening! I'm combining my love of design & the art of gardening.

Notes on The Garden -

For the longet time we had weeds and bermuda grass covering our small patch of land, so my intro to working outdoors entailed me profusley digging away with a small spade. To be honest it was soul destroying, ha! My tool broke from the density of the earth as the sun beat down on my skull. I may have been disheartened but I wasnt going to give up.

As I think back now it makes total sense that I would eventually immerse myself in the outdoors. I'm a creative/artist by trade and my subjects encompass plants of all kinds, flowers and other living things. I've always had a hard time focusing on anything for long but for some reason I've spent unlimited amounts of time looking at the shapes of leaves, the color of the sky and so on. I'm not good at retaining information that doesn't seem important or that I'm just not interested in. Everyday existance has always felt slighty overwhelming . When I put my fingers in the earth all that stuff just fades into the background. Anyway I've had this plan in the back of my mind to somehow incorporate landscaping design with my art. I think that moment is finally here.......


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