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Unspoken Communication: The Language of Our Actions & Inactions

Our action or inactions serve as a language through which we communicate with the world. Just as words convey meaning in human interaction, our behaviors convey messages to the environment, other living beings, and the

universe at large. Each choice we make, whether big or small, becomes a part of the narrative of our existence and shapes the story we tell through our interactions with the world.

Just imagine your yard can help avert the 'insect apocalypse' Here is how.

Bugs are suffereing alarming declines. Scientists are still working to pinpoint the exact causes - habitat destruction, poisons, pollution and rising temps all play a role. To help bugs, create a mosaic of natural habitat, from sticks to stems and leaves, that provide homes for the next generation of insects. If you have

a wildflower garden, leave the flower stalks over the winter as food for wildlife.

Plant lots of native shrubs. Dead logs provide habiats for years or decades. Rock piles also offer protective crevices and cavities for bumble bees and wasps.

When you are playing in the yard try to think of youself as tool with which to help nature along rather than you riding it of it's unique qualities. It's all about fostering a symbiotic relationship with nature rather than overpowering it.


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