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A month in a year..

View from the southern walnut creek bridge under 183               Mixed media - paper, paint, ink and pencil }

I used to dread the first month of the year. I guess it's the let down from the holidays. Things are all go go go and then the silence of winter sets in.....

I'm usually stumbling around trying to decide what to do or actually what to do first! As living thing's we need time to be calm and it's been proven that the art of doing nothing makes one more productive overall. So try it out, let yourself move a little more slowly through the winter months and maybe that will open up more room for creativity and play.

This year i'm not depressed but am excited to start new projects and see new places. Excited to be inspired and create new works of art. Check out several new pieces we added to our site towards the end of December. More coming soon.....



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